Saturday, June 2, 2018

VIDEO: Irene Uwoya Aonesha Mimba ya Dogo Janja


TANZANIA Hip Hop star Dogo Janja has confirmed that his wife Irene Uwoyais expecting to have a baby soon.

Dogo Janja whose real name is Abdulaziz Aboubakari was speaking in a live interview with a local radio station.
My wife is expecting to have a baby very soon. If God blesses us, I will name the kid after my late father's name Aboubakari,” he said.

He said they would soon go to the hospital to conduct ultra-sound to know the status of the kid.

Dodo Janja married the Bongo Movie diva Irene Uwoya last year, a move that left everyone breathless.
My wife is a very respected woman, she understands the meaning of being married and what it means to have a husband, he said adding that they do not need publicity in their lifestyles.

He said, he approached the diva and asked her for the relationship which later matured into a marriage.

“I was too scared to approach her, but eventually she accepted my proposal,” he said.